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We provide creative solutions to small businesses in the US,
creating engagement opportunities that get attention and are meaningful to your target market.

Our History

We believe the word “failure,” gets a bad rap. If you don’t try different things, how are you going to know what works? With a combined background of over 25 years of small business ownership, entrepreneurial spirit, guerrilla marketing and some solid formal training to tie it all together, Small & Mighty is strategy and scrappy, all rolled into one nimble package.

Our Vision

Small business owners are rockstars that deserve rockstar followers. You have too many things to do and not enough support to do it. We’re here to help. We love working with the little guy because we know what you need (solutions and strategy), how you need it (effective and smart) and when you need it (now).

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Little Gay Book
Little Gay Book
Social Media Marketing / Website
Amy Forsyth
Honoululu Personal Trainer
Social Media Marketing / Website
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