31 Days of Social Media: Your One Month Content Calendar

Social media content calendarCame across this today and just HAD to repost: Use this genius 31 Days of Social Media Content Guide and jump start your platforms.

Compliments of MarketingSolved, this 31 day content calendar includes a different posting type for each day of one month. Postings include “Inspirational Quote,” “Behind the Scenes,” and “Short Video,” with a 6 step list in the beginning to get you started.

I love it and here’s why:

It’s easy to follow and simple for small businesses to implement.

You don’t have to think up a strategy, just follow the recommendation for each day and voila! Instant content.

While being easy to follow, the content calendar also educates you about the variety of types of content.

Short videos are the new social media trend, “behind the scenes” is a key attribute to engaging your audience and inspirational quotes are very shareable (something you want).

After implementing this social media content calendar for a month, you can easily go back and measure how each post did.

Because many of the types repeat themselves, you can fine tune your postings for optimal times of day, or days of the weeks, etc.

Because you’ll end up with a variety of content, you can easily expand on the types that did well and/or start a collection of content on your website that can drive inbound content.

Inbound content is about creating content that you your target marketing is searching for. I expand on this idea in another blog post, but if you want more info on inbound content marketing, I highly recommend HUBSpot. They have TONS of tips, tools and insight into inbound content marketing.