5 Free or Cheap Tools for Social Media and Image Editing

Free Tools for Social Media and Image Editing

Images and video are THE most important piece of any social media strategy. Actually, I lie.

Hiring a professional like me to design an effective strategy for you is THE most important piece, but once you do that, images and video are #2 :).

The first thing I tell new clients is they simply must have professional images taken.

Shelley Simpson
See, here’s a nice head shot of me that I had the delightful professional photographer take one day in downtown San Diego.

It’s imperative. You need images of your staff, images of you working with clients, images of your product, and maybe some candid “behind the scenes” photos.

These images can be used on your website, in your social media posts and throughout the year for marketing purposes.

Do not take these photos with your cell phone. Cell phone photos do not take adequate images at high enough resolution. Use a digital camera. Or hire a professional. And make sure you go outside to get good lighting…. (I could go on about good photos, but I digress).

Once you get the raw photos, you need to edit them.

And put them into pretty layouts. That attract people, and tell them what they need to know in one glace.

For example, here’s one I created on Canva (more below) for the Honolulu Personal Trainer. It’s compelling, it tells the viewer exactly what she needs to know right away and it’s sharable.

Honolulu Personal Trainer



Below are my tried and true free or cheap tools for social media and image editing

While each of the tools below are all free, they DO all have a “premium” option. These premium memberships/upgrades usually consist of a monthly or annual fee. If you find that you really love a particular tool and want additional functionality, I highly recommend paying the fee.

Free Tools for Social Media and Image Editing



You can add text, effects, overlays and even create collages with this free online photo editor. I use it almost everyday.


Free Tools for Social Media and Image EditingCanva

Drag/drop images, text and other media into beautiful presentations, social media graphics with free layouts, images and lots and lots of already made templates. Of all the free items, this is by far the most dynamic.



Free Tools for Social Media and Image Editing

Death to the Stock Photo

Started by two photographers who grew frustrated by the “less-than-awesome industry pattern” of businesses unable to find images that fit their “vibe + tribe,” Death to the Stock Photo is a once-a-month email packed full of free-use photos you can use to make your posts look good. See their gallery.


Free Tools for Social Media and Image EditingBuffer

When I first started Small & Mighty, I swore by Buffer. Buffer tracks your follower activity and determines the perfect moment to schedule tweets to maximize your exposure. It made my life easier and allowed me to give better data to my clients (I now use Sprout Social).



Free Tools for Social Media and Image EditingTwitter Analytics

Twitter analytics is a simple tool to assess how you are doing on Twitter, with all the functionality available for free. It gives you a decent pallet of stats, such as profile visits, mentions, followers and tweet impressions.


Have a tool that you use that is free or cheap? Tell me about it. The beauty of what I do is that everything is always changing and I love finding new resources.