Clients of Small & Mighty run the gamut of industries: matchmaking, real estate development, alternative health care, fitness, interior design, psychology…

But, they have three things in common:

  • They are solo entrepreneurs
  • They want to expand their business and get the word out to their target market
  • They don’t have time (or the expertise) to do the social media marketing themselves

I treat each client individually and recommend solutions appropriate to their goals and target market (not *one* of my inbound content pieces is the same for any of my clients).

Click on my client’s logos below and read about what their needs and how I’m helping them.

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Current and Previous Clients

Maui Aerial Arts, Heather Booth

Maui Aerial Arts

Shelley can do everything.  After a brief conversation about my needs, she was able to translate what I didn’t even know I wanted for my business into a seamless website …

Cake Works Hawaii

Cake Works

“Help! I hate social media but need some….I would rather bake a cake!”

Honolulu Personal Trainer, Amy Forsyth

Honolulu Personal Trainer

Honolulu Personal Trainer came to me with familiar small business challenges: Needing a consistent method for communicating with current clients, not having enough time to blog (an important piece in …

803 Waimanu

803 Waimanu: An Affordable Condo in Kaka’ako

The Block at 803 is a new affordable housing development in Kaka’ako What started out as Franco Mola of Coastal Rim Properties asking me to develop a social media campaign …

Dr. Carlyn Tamura

Dr. Carlyn Tamura

Dr. Tamura had a successful psychology practice, but was struggling with “the next step.”