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Club M
ClubM Box

Club M is a luxury cannabis delivery service.

Wrapped in a discreet black box, each month's delivery includes an exclusively curated blend of flowers, concentrates, edibles and topicals. Targeted toward women who prefer discretion with their cannabis, the $ 100-month subscription includes a changing theme and I was hired to write the Club M Welcome Letter.

This letter was the customer's first experience to their monthly box and set the tone for each box's enjoyment. Below are two letters I created for the exclusive box: Melt and Discover



Sometimes we’re presented with a big, hard, cold block of unyielding substance. Be it a problem, a fear, or a challenge, it’s sharp, dangerous edges provide us no indication of what will defeat it.

We attempt to rush the substance from all sides, using our variety of clever resources, only to find that we can’t bite, move, or control it. And we don’t like this. We become frustrated because we expect the substance to be fixable, all by ourselves.

Yet, as high school chemistry class reminds us, sometimes you need a catalyst to create a reaction.

Welcome to this month’s box: Melt.

Apply the right catalyst to any substance and you make something happen. Add heat to a block of iron, melts it into a liquid pool of metal. Add water to sugar, it dissolves into syrup. Add love to a bitter heart, it softens.

This month’s box is about transforming yourself from one state to another. Place a Kinslip strip under your tongue and discover how simple a transition can be. Better yet, nibble on a hash Biscotti and taste both sweetness AND relaxation as your attitude eases into happiness. Lastly, for those exceptionally oppressive days, maneuver the Ice Mold from your freezer watch your doubts melt away.

With this issue of the MBox, may you be reminded that every action has a reaction and every large overwhelming substance can be softened by very small methods. Gentle acts are sometimes the most commanding.

Thank you.



The greatest obstacle to discovery is not ignorance – it is the illusion of knowledge. -Daniel J. Boorstin

Humans are habitual creatures. We prefer sitting in the same chairs, ordering the same coffees and driving the same routes. We prefer it because it’s comfortable. Known as our “comfort zone,” these behaviors define our daily existence and make us feel safe.

Simultaneously, we crave new, fresh, uncharted. New shoes, new loves and new feelings. We want to grow. And growth lies just outside our comfort zone.

Learning something new causes our brains to do three things: Build connections between neurons (we lose them as we age), send a rush of the reward chemical dopamine (so does cannabis), and increase blood flow (always a good thing).

Discovery isn’t about climbing a mountain, traveling to an exotic location, or searching for gold —it’s about finding something unexpected. Right in your own backyard.

For example, spend the entire day not speaking, yet still getting your needs met. Undoubtedly, you’ll discover how much you take language for granted. Or, instead of running after work, get up at 5am. Stumble upon the semis unloading produce, or the bar owner, just locking up. Notice how much more appreciative you are of their hard work and your own daily grind.

This month’s box is about uncovering something unexpected in the mundane.

Switch out your attitude with a sweet moon-shaped candy from Moonlit Organics, or slowly sip the Linacene Tincture by Therapy Tonics. Be transported back to high school with a quick smell of the Fried Chicken Joint by Tradecraft Farms, or chew on a piece of their Space Juice Shatter, while introducing yourself to the person sitting next to you.

Determine. Learn. Notice. May you uncover adventures right where you are.

In pursuit of perfect moments,