Dr. Carlyn Tamura

Dr. Carlyn Tamura

Dr. Carlyn TamuraDr. Tamura had a successful psychology practice, but was struggling with “the next step.” Several clients had asked her about a website, but Dr. Tamura was baffled as to where to start. That’s where I made her life easier.

In our first meeting, we found the URL she wanted, added a WordPress site, and voila -A new website was born!

Of course, as Dr. Tamura found out, THAT was the easy part. The hard part is talking about yourself (AKA, “defining your brand.”).

You see, when creating a website, you have to craft an “About Me” page that tells your story. No one calls a therapist because of where you went to school, they call a psychologist because their friends recommended you or your story appeals to them.

We spent considerable time working on her About Me page. What we were really defining, was her brand. That’s how I’m different than other designers. Yes, I can give an awesome, sparkling new site.

But really, what I do best is helping you create the content that defines you, gets you noticed and gives you a road map, that will guide you toward your goals.

See Dr. Carlyn Tamura’s new website