Honolulu Personal Trainer

Honolulu Personal Trainer, Amy Forsyth

HPT-HeadImageHonolulu Personal Trainer came to me with familiar small business challenges:

Needing a consistent method for communicating with current clients, not having enough time to blog (an important piece in creating great inbound content) as well as needing an updated website.

A small fitness company in Hawaii, Honolulu Personal Trainer is the baby of owner/personal trainer, Amy Forsyth. Started in 2010, HPT specializes in personal training for men and women as well as early morning Women Specific Boot Camps.

Her challenges are just the struggles we love at Small & Mighty and we jumped at the chance to provide solutions.

Our solutions included:

  1. Implementing a content calendar (including regular blog posts, new videos on YouTube and consistent posting on Facebook and Twitter)
  2. Designing and segmenting targeted email marketing pieces for her current and past customers
  3. Redesigned her website
  4. Creating a word of mouth campaign with some of her long term clients
  5. Added more client testimonials and highlights.

Analytics/Results Highlights:

Sept 2014-Feb 2016 (17 months)

Website: Her new site launched in September 2014 and by mid-October, her Women’s Fitness Boot Camp enrollment increased by 20%.

SEO: 30% increase in vacationers inquiring about personal training sessions while on O’ahu. When asked how they found her, “We looked up “Hawaii Personal Trainers,” and there you were…” was a common response.

Facebook: Increased her # of Followers by 50% (from 148 to 297). While those numbers aren’t large, her followers were engaged, with post reach at an average of 57% (12% is the accepted rate of post reach).

Twitter: Increased # of Followers by 35% (from 302 to 857). Again, not large numbers, but as a result of the increase of exposure, Amy was asked several times by local press to comment on local events/healthy living pieces and was even featured on TV at the beginning of a local race. This additional exposure, while not directly relating to sales, kept her top of mind.

Email Marketing: 25% growth in response (over a one year period). This was a key piece to HPT’s strategy – Biweekly emails that always resulted in a new/returning Boot Camp’er or personal training client. Her target market is women in their 30’s/40’s/50’s who either have full lives and no time for the gym, or specific goals in mind (strength for aerial training, weight loss for a wedding, base training for triathlons). The emails reminded her market that she was there and her programs were successful.

Living Social: $39 for 1 Month of Unlimited Boot Camp + 1 Private Nutrition Consultation While it wasn’t a huge money maker for her, it WAS a lead generator. Women who had never heard of her reached out and she generally added 2-5 women to each Boot Camp session.

YouTube (to be continued)…