803 Waimanu: An Affordable Condo in Kaka’ako

803 Waimanu
The Block at 803 is a new affordable housing development in Kaka’ako

803 WaimanuWhat started out as Franco Mola of Coastal Rim Properties asking me to develop a social media campaign for 803 Waimanu, a new condo in Kaka’akao, became me suddenly designing the website for one of the most anticipated buildings in the Kaka’ako neighborhood.

As the Star Advertiser calls 803, “The views aren’t great, living spaces are mostly small and in some cases there’s no parking. But the price may be unbeatable at an upcoming condominium in Kaka­ako where million-dollar homes in swanky towers abound.”

We started working on a campaign with local muralist Kahiau Beamer in October 2014 and now one year later, the website is undergoing it’s first-round of approvals.


803 Waimanu is now “The Block 803” and is being facilitated by the crack team of agents at LIST Island Design | Sotheby’s. We’ve done extensive work to make the website graphically interesting, user-friendly and above all, fun.

It’s been one of my most favorite projects because I’ve really loved being on the ground floor of giving this building a digital identity. As the affordable housing option in Kaka’ako, 803 Waimanu is different than the bigger (more expensive) projects currently being built. It has character, an identity and so will the people who live there.

I loved being able to help give voice to this unique property and I know what we did will delight the target market of 803.

As of today, Feb 4, 2016, The Block 803 is only a splash page. But stay tuned. You’ll get to see my handwork very, very soon.


More information on 803 Waimamu:

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