Cake Works

Cake Works Hawaii

“Help! I hate social media but need some….I would rather bake a cake!”

That’s the email that Chef Abigal Langlas of Cake Works Hawaii sent to me. I was instantly intrigued! We met and I soon found out how awesome and unique Cake Works is.

Founded by Chef Abi, former pastry chef for Alan Wong’s and cake designer for Honolulu Coffee Company, Cake Works is a woman-owned business that seeks to make your dream cake come true. And they’re not kidding:

Cake Works once made a 3-foot, Minecraft Zombie Cake that “bled” chocolate and raspberry filling for her webmaster’s husband. Yes. They made that cake. It’s kind of amazing.

MinecraftZombieCake-YouTubeHer social media needs were consistent with a successful, local business wanting to take the next step:

  1. Increase engagement
  2. Increase sales
  3. Create an online presence that highlights her fabulous products

As one of the first cake specialty businesses in town, they have a solid brand a well loved products. They are creative, delicious and they understand what their customers want.

I’m excited to be able to lend my expertise to their already successful venture.

I’m still working on the strategy, but in the meantime, check out their macaroons – they produce 1200 a day! I think they are delicious – and I think – BETTER than La Tour’s.

Macaroons by Cake Works Hawaii