Inbound Content Marketing

The best way to make an impact online is to create great content. But what does that mean?

It means you create content that your target audience wants, attracting them to you and interesting them in your product.

Examples of inbound content:

Little Gay BookLittle Gay Book (a matchmaking service) created a blog post titled, “Dr. Frankie’s Guide to Successful Dating.” Women searching for dating advice or tips would find her content, be drawn to her site and could potentially add themselves to her free matchmaking database.


Try Fitness HawaiiKC Carlberg of Try Fitness Hawaii (a women’s fitness company) recently completed her first Ironman in December 2013. As a 20 year fitness professional, Carlberg had many fans who were interested in her journey. She created a daily blog on her Ironman Training and increased her website activity by 20%. As a result, several new customers joined her cycling training in January 2014.

These business owners created content their customers wanted.

What kind of content are you creating?  Confused on what to create?
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